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The Feel of Organization August 14, 2013

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I recently got a new client.  Now, I love organizing.  And I love helping people do it; the excitement of tackling things that they couldn’t do on their own and seeing all of our actual hard work at the end is really rewarding.  Well, maybe not seeing.  My new client is blind.

She wasn’t always blind and had lived in the home prior to complete loss of sight so she knows what it looks like and I can describe something and she “sees” it in her head.  This is a challenge to me as I can’t get her approval of how it looks but I can get her approval on what I say it is and doing it so she can feel exactly where things are.

Even without seeing her mess, it bothered her.  The feel of drawers and not knowing where things are yields stress.  Mess equals stress!  Knowing what you have and where to find it are key to organization.  That means it is organized and not just put away.  For this client, just put away is pointless.

Her home is very orderly on the surface.  It actually has to be so it is safe; but behind doors and in drawers, not so much.  To the sighted person, spending an extra few minutes peeking in a few drawers to find something may be ok; to her it means never finding it.  I have other homes I have walked into that on the surface look great, but each drawer or cabinet or closet needed improvement.  This bothered them in different ways and that is why I was there.

Each person feels differently about their stuff.  And about how their stuff is in the home.  A “lived” in home may feel fine to some but chaotic to others.  But in general, being organized feels great.  So whether or not you can see or not, how your home feels to you is important.  If you want to feel better about it, organization is key.


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