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Habits…and every day stuff May 31, 2013

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And because everyone struggles with this, I thought I would talk about habits and every day stuff.  In order to do the barest of maintenance there are things we must do.  For our bodies, it is haircuts, showering, eating, exercising (some more than others!) but you get the idea.  For most of us, taking a shower every morning is the norm, the habit.  We do it because it is our daily maintenance for ourselves.  We don’t question it, we just do it.  It is a habit.

Now it seems silly to call taking a shower a habit, but it is.  When you start to think of your home and your stuff, what do you do routinely to keep it going?  Some have great habits for certain areas but not so much in other things.

If the house maintenance is lack luster, here is how you can improve it.  First, make a list of the things you think you must do to keep the house going, the minimum.  On that list consider, taking out the trash, taking out the recycling, laundry (and then putting it away), doing the dishes, food shopping, cleaning the bathrooms.    Some of these things may be no brainers for you but I can assure you that for most it isn’t that simple.  Make the list.  Also make a list of the things next in line – such as vacuuming the whole house, dusting, cleaning the floors, changing sheets.  These are the things that you really would like to add to the maintenance list.

Habits are doing something routinely and consistently.  How often do you want to do the above things?  Add next to each item how often; daily, weekly, monthly.  With that list, look at your schedule at a higher level.  What is your schedule each day of the week?  When do have time at home?  What are better days to do things that you may not like?  And trust me, most people despise doing most of the things on that list but to maintain your home, they are needed.

It takes 3 weeks to establish a habit.  Maybe more!  Grab a fresh calendar and make it the home maintenance calendar.  Fill in for the next month each of those tasks on the days you have decided to get them done.  To take it a step further, these are chores.  Who else in the family can help?  Assign them a pen color or highlighter color and use that on the tasks.

As an example here are some ideas;

Daily: All dishes done by end of dinner, check trash and recycling and empty if full, make beds, wipe down table and counters

Mondays: Pay bills that are due in the next week, sweep kitchen

Tuesday :  Dust

Wednesday: Wash kids clothing and put away

Thursday: Clean bathrooms

Friday: Wash all other clothing, change sheets

Saturday: Vacuum all, fold all other clothing just washed, food shopping

Sunday: prep for week ahead

Hope this helps you with getting some good home habits established!


One Response to “Habits…and every day stuff”

  1. Making a list is a great idea. Scheduling chores will help them from getting pushed off until they are an emergency.

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