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Go Garage Go May 2, 2013

Boy, if you have one, it is usually packed!  Do you space for your car?  Probably not is the norm.  If you have a 2-car garage, you are probably lucky to have space for one car.  Living in the Northeast, winter is LONG.  I know you want to have that car in the garage not only so you can avoid snow removal in the am but more than that have space for what is supposed to in there.

Tackling the garage is not an easy one.  It usually involves heavy lifting, getting really dirty and a lot of time.  So the key is planning it.

First, set aside a day and then pick a rain date!  Plan a fully day if it is really fully.  Enlist all family members and friends that love you.

Second, supplies.  For trash – make sure you get the contractor bags.  If you feel you will be dumpster trash level, order one to be delivered.  You will also need brooms, dustpans, leaf blower, cardboard boxes for recycling or donations., and some basic tools on hand and probably some new bins that stack well with lids.  You can always return them if you don’t use them but I find that they are needed for seasonal decorations, grouping items, storing misc items.

Third, park the cars on the street and take advantage of the driveway to create sorting stations.  You can either pick up an item and decide if it goes or stays and then place in a category or pick up an item, place in the category and then go through that category when all is sorted. The result is the same and you may do some of both.  Sometimes you need to see the large pile of gardening pots to realize you can’t keep them all and then you can pick the best ones out of the lot.

Here are some the categories you will have:

  • Tools
  • Chemicals
  • Gardening
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Sports
  • Toys
  • Camping
  • Seasonal
  • Car Maintenance
  • Bikes
  • Recycling/Trash

After sorting it all, decide where the best spot in the garage is for each category depending on use and quantity.  This is when you may need to make a shopping list as you may realize you don’t have adequate shelving, hooks, bins or other.

Also, think about what may not have to live in the garage so you have room for the musts.  There also may be something you want to move in that isn’t – creating a mud room area or storage for paint, etc.  Get a visual on that amount so you can map a spot out for that.

Go vertical!  Take advantage of wall space and even ceiling space if you have the height.  There are tons of wall and ceiling solutions and specialized companies that do just this.

Label each closed bin!  And then label each section or shelf.  It may seem silly but it will really help with putting things back and maintaining the space.

Remember safety, chemicals are best away from pets and children and locked up.  And, adhere to proper disposal.

Last tip is to chalk out your car spot.  If this is the goal to maintain a clear spot or two, chalk it so you really see that you can’t infringe on that space.

So, go to your garage, go to work on it so your car can make a go of getting in there!  Good luck!


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