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Maintaining the Master March 24, 2013

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The master bedroom should be peaceful.  When picking a spot to start if it all has to be done, we pick the closet.  It affects you every day.  But it isn’t just the clothing in this room, it is the whole space.  The master bedroom should be free of clutter, free of distractions; be a retreat from life to recharge and relax.

If the room is in need of some major help, start with the clothing.  Go through it all and let go of items that you hate, are damaged or don’t fit and will never fit again.  Organize by how you wear them and color coordinating them is visually pleasing.  Make sure there are a few hooks or a chair or something to place clothes that will be worn again in the next few days.  If not dirty but not going to be worn again soon, put it back.

Attack all the décor and stuff on every surface within the room; this is all the frames, decorations, papers, cups, etc – let go of anything you don’t use or like.  Have items in the space that bring joy to you and that help you relax.  The bedroom isn’t ideal for bills and projects and anything with bad memories.  Clean everything and display things nicely.  Make sure there is a basket to hold things that need to go elsewhere and a space for the daily jewelry or other – a decorative tray works well.  Also, depending on how much you read, appropriate shelving or a basket to hold reading material should be placed close to the bed.

The bed is the biggest item in the room.  Make it look nice.  If you can afford new bedding and pillows, do it.  You will be happy you did.

So, how do you maintain the space?  Here is a list to keep and post.


  • Make the bed
  • Replace clothing that can be worn again
  • Place dirty clothing in the hamper (make sure you have one)
  • Bring all cups to the kitchen
  • Place all reading material on the shelf/in the basket – which ever you have.
  • Make sure trash is in the trashcan (yes have one someplace, in the master bath is fine)


  • Do the laundry….and fold it….and put it away – yes, all are key to maintaining the space!
  • Change the sheets
  • Empty the garbage
  • Replace items to the rest of the house that ended up in there
  • Put away jewelry worn for the week


  • Dust all
  • Vacuum the room, try to do the bottom of the closet too (planning to do this will help you tidy up the shoes and hang up anything that has fallen)


  • Wash Curtains
  • Go through clothing to let go of items you no longer like/wear

If you do these simple tasks on schedule, your room will be master bedroom you will enjoy being in and be a space that can start and end your day right.


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