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Ho Hum…Habits November 11, 2012

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Habits…good or bad are habits.  We usually talk about all the bad habits; staying up late, buying 3 coffees a day, leaving 10 cups in your room before bringing them to the sink.  You get the idea.  But, what are your good habits?  You always do the laundry on Fridays, or you clean-up the kitchen after every single meal before doing anything else.  Think about how things would go if you didn’t have some of those good habits?

Organization is all about good habits.  There is no right way to organize your clothing or no right way to pick names for your files.  It is what works for you to find what you are looking for when you are looking for it.  But, once you “pick” that way, it has to be maintained.  If you have picked “Allstate” for your car insurance papers and “Insurance” for your home owners and file your new car insurance cards in the “insurance” file, you won’t have them in the right spot when you go look for it.  That is just one example.

When I work with anyone on an area, there are a lot of questions asked to determine the system appropriate for the items and that individual.  So, how do make a good habit?  Here are some tips:

  1. If you are picking a new spot for something – label it!  You can always remove it later but for a few weeks have it prominently labeled.
  2. Inform everyone that it affects what has changed.
  3. If it a new “chore”, i.e. you do laundry randomly but want to do it every Friday now, put it as a standing appointment for 4 weeks to make it a new habit.
  4. Or, make up a Monday- Sunday standing list of specific things to be done on that day.  Monday – bills, vacuuming, change sheets; Tuesday – school papers, bathrooms, and so on.
  5. A once over through the house each night to make sure all is replaced and in “order”.
  6. Use Post-it’s like they are going out of style – put reminders where you need to see them to maintain your new habits.
  7. Enlist help – ask friends or family to check and hold you accountable on your new habits.

Ho hum no more, habits will have!


One Response to “Ho Hum…Habits”

  1. markbutler Says:

    I love you post and I agree with you that organizing is all about the good habits. I think that you can do anything if you can prepare your mind according to you. You can use good organizational habits and techniques to make your life more organized and clutter free, so you can live your best possible life. Clutter Breakthrough Expert

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